Providing Non-Profit Cloud Computing Services for Real World Problems

Who we are

We’re a group of like-minded people helping to support research by providing dedicated computer resources to scientists.

We do this through setting up and managing computers that continually download, process, and send back the results to scientific groups working to cure cancers, diseases, and solve technological problems!


We wanted to contribute our skills to help researchers working to solve the toughest problems affecting our communities and world.

To do this we came together as a group and saw the need for massive amounts of computing systems dedicated to the teams working on these projects.

Were focused on using our skills to help this critical research happen!


Anyone with a computer, or in some cases a smartphone, can help these research projects by providing computing power while it is not in use. (That means you can help as well!)

Our organization is taking this one step further and set up professional grade computers typically seen in businesses and data-centers to focus heavily on these projects. This helps eliminate the need for costly access to traditional “super-computers” to process the vast amounts of data involved with these projects.

As represented in the picture above, the researchers come up with theories, they publish this for us to help test, and we return the results!


You can help us accomplish these goals in a number of ways:

  1. Your donations help make our work possible. Without you we cannot keep the lights on!
  2. Volunteer your own Computer and Android Smartphone
    1. It will only help when you are not using it so it'll keep it working well for you
    2. Be sure to add yourself to our Team (NebulaDynamics)
  3. Help us get the word out by sharing us with your friends, family, and followers!

Donations can be made via PayPal or Amazon Smile at the bottom of this page as well as our "Get Involved" section.