They say that a project is only as good as the progress you can show from it.

Conveniently the software product that we make use of for our project has many tools to be able to show the progress and value for the work that we do. Currently these are limited to online aggregated statistics from third party website but we are hoping to be able to introduce some advanced tools to show the status of the our work as well in the (very) near future!

Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing (BOINC) Projects

The BOINC system projects provide feedback to the users about the quality and quantity of their data processing through the use of a Credit system to denote the overall amount of data that has been processed by their efforts.

Our project has engaged several research groups in donating computer power to their projects. In each of the following projects we have created a team "Nebula Dynamics" that we and our partners (that means you!) donate computer time to.

These projects include:

There are several different ways to show the statistics for the credits built up through these projects, these are shown at the partner links below. The first shows the total aggregate credits generated through the data being processed for the scientific research applications. The second is the Recent Average Credit score (also below) which shows the credit generation power of the equipment we are using currently. This score will build with the addition of new equipment and with the adjusted settings to maximize the effectiveness of the research applications. The final statistic shows our overall ranking within the project. Currently this is generated by comparing our overall credits generated against other teams in this project.

Currently we are working to get our own charting apps done for the time being you can see our progress at the sites below!:

BOINCStats Charts

BOINCStats Projects Lists

Free-DC (Free Distributed Computing) Statistics Data